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Sports Science Testing

Our sports scientists focus on the use of sport-specific fitness- and skills tests as indicators of athletes' physical and motor capabilities in relation to their sport. The purpose of this process is to gain detailed physiological information that can be used to produce an enhanced, more efficient training programme.


SUSPI's physiotherapy department delivers affordable, expert physiotherapy treatment to a wide range of sports. Situated next to the SUSPI gymnasium on the Coetzenburg sport campus, we treat students and individual clients alike. The team can provide services to visiting sports teams as well as travel with teams to events.


SUSPI boasts a world class gymnasium that caters for high performance athletes, students and members of the general public. It is the aim of the SUSPI Gymnasium to provide a cost-effective, holistic support service of excellent quality to its various members.

Events & Training Camps

We are a portal for you to access the immense potential that Stellenbosch offers as a sporting destination. With top class, centrally located facilities and support services we provide a comprehensive offering designed to meet your needs for conducting successful events. SUSPI acts as a host and facilitator of high performance training camps for local and international teams and athletes.


A variety of sport accommodation options are available to clients wishing to base themselves in Stellenbosch for any length of time. In this regard the Institute offers "residence-style" accommodation in the form of a sport hostel with a capacity of 104 beds. In addition, SUSPI can also act as a portal to a number of hotels and guesthouses in the surrounding area at competitive rates.

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